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Our Wicca Shop | Witch Shop

Here at Wicca Wax and Wands, we pride ourselves on providing ethically sourced products for the new age market. Our Wicca shop aims at selling witchy, spiritual and healing gifts and homeware. Whether you are a witch, a Wiccan, or just follow your own spiritual path, we have something for you.

Some of our products are handmade by us or handmade by talented crafters from around the world. We make sure all items are fair trade, cruelty-free and Eco-friendly. Which means everyone is paid fairly, with clean, safe working conditions and no labourers are children. Nothing has been tested on animals and doesn’t harm the environment.

We also only use eco packaging. 100% of our packing materials are either recyclable or biodegradable.

 A little more about us…

Wicca Wax and Wands | Wicca Shop | Witch Shop

Hey lovely people, my name is Stormy Moonstone (left) but muggles call me Stephanie. Co-founder of Wicca Wax and Wands. I have always enjoyed crafting and trying new things, I’m a big fan of up-cycling and I am known among family and friends for my hoarding (I’m sure I can use that old box/bag/cupboard for something later). I’ve been an almost solitary witch for a few years now and I like nothing more than to celebrate a Sabbat with my family by having a feast which is great for trying out new recipes and crafts. I studied Interior Design at college, so I particularly enjoy making things that are totally unique for the home. I love to think that something we have made is on show in the customer’s home, making them smile. I have a diploma in crystal healing for animals and currently studying Herbalism. 

Hi, I am Raven Nightwish (right), co-founder of Wicca Wax And Wands. My muggle friends call me Sharna. I have always been into arts and crafts, studied art at school and then moved on to getting my BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design. After college, I trained to be a tattoo artist and owned my own tattoo parlour with my fiance (now husband) for two years. During this time, I discovered that being a tattoo artist was not for me. This is when I found my spiritual path and became a solitary witch. My mum (Stormy) also found her spiritual path around the same time. We realised we could combine our passions of, creativity, spirituality and shopping (who doesn’t love shopping for kool witchy, gothic treasures?). I now have a diploma in Advanced crystal healing and currently studying essential oils to bring you more kool witchy products.

Our Other Stores 

We have an Etsy store where we sell all our lovely, unique, one of a kind items that have been handmade by us. We Have Wands, Crystal Pendulums, Dreamcatchers, Fairy Houses, Incense Holders, Mini Besoms, Gemstone Trees, Jewellery and more.

Being a small company means we care about our customers because without you we wouldn’t have a business. If you have any questions, comments or a problem please contact us so that we can help you as soon as possible. You can phone us during the day or if you prefer to email us, one or both of us are available nearly all the time. Details are on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated to enable us to continue to improve.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Untill then we hope you enjoy shopping with us.

x )0( xxx Blessed Be xxx )0( x

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