Eggshell Seed Pots

Organic Seed Pot Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use eggshells for seed pots. Eggshells are a great medium to use as you can plant the delicate new sprouts into bigger containers by placing the actual shell in the new soil. The shell will naturally break down and add nutrients to the soil.

This is a great activity to do with the kids over the Easter / Ostara holidays. Or you can do them on a weekend. When choosing seeds, make sure to check the packet to see what times in the year you can sow them and if they need any special requirements. Flowers are generally the easiest ones to grow.

*Tip- when saving eggshells for this project try and only crack the top of the shell so you will have a nice cup-shaped shell to fill later. Don’t worry if they are not neat we will neaten them up as we go.*

Here is what you will need…

  • Old Newspaper or similar to cover your surface
  • Eggshells (washed)
  • A teaspoon or mini trowel
  • Soil (best to get one designed for sowing seeds)
  • Seeds
  • Egg box to hold your eggshell pots
  • Scissors
  • Felt Pen (optional)

Step 1

Get organised!!! This will make things so much easier as things can get a bit messy, which is half the fun. Then use the scissors to trim the eggshells so there is a larger whole to put the soil in.

Step 2

Fill the eggshells 3/4 full with the soil using the teaspoon or mini trowel. Lightly pat the top to make it level with your finger.

Step 3

Sprinkle your chosen seeds on the top of the soil. (make sure you read the packet your seeds came in for guidelines as to the spacing of the seeds and what time of year to sow them.)

Step 4

Cover the seeds with a bit more soil and use the teaspoon to water the seeds. This way you can make sure you don’t over-water them or disturb the seeds. Also, you don’t want to make the egg box soggy. 

Step 5

If you are sowing more than one type of seed you may want to write the name on the eggshell so you can keep track of which one is which. A marker pen like a sharpie work well. Then place your seeds in a warm place indoors and make sure you water them regularly to keep the soil damp but not soggy.  When your seeds have sprouted and become a fair size (check packet) you can plant the entire egg into a larger pot. The eggshell will break down in the soil which also adds nutrients to the soil.

*Tips- Make sure that when you put them outside you climatise them first by placing them in a sheltered spot in the garden with some sunlight. Don’t water them straight away you want them to have a chance to adjust to the different temperature.  Make sure the last frosts have passed and if the sun is unusually hot at midday move them out the sun.*

And that is it!!! Have a go. get the whole family involved! Try out different seeds and most importantly have fun.

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xx Happy Ostara Everyone! xx

from Stormy and Raven xx

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