Mabon celebration | Celebrating this time of year | Witches Thanksgiving

Mabon celebration | When and how to celebrate this wonderful time of year?   

The Mabon celebration is the second of three harvest Sabbats celebrated each year. The first is Lammas, the second is Mabon and the third is Samhain. It is celebrated either on the 19th, 20th or 21st of September. If you live in the southern hemisphere it is on the 19th, 20th or 21st of March. This Sabbat is also known as the Autumn Equinox where day and night are equal. This happens twice a year. It also happens on spring equinox also known as Ostara. At this time of year, the majority of crops have been harvested and it is now a time of respite from the busy harvest season. It is a time to give thanks to Mother Nature (Mother Goddess) for the harvest. I suppose you can call Mabon ‘Pagan Thanksgiving’.

mabon celebration

This Sabbat was named after the Welsh God Mabon ap Modron. He is said to be the ‘child of light’ and the guardian of the other world. He is the son of Modron, Earth Mother Goddess.

Druids call Mabon ‘Mean Fo’mhair’ and honour the Green Man (God of the forest). They do this by walking through forest and woodland offering libations to the trees. These libations can be wine, cider, herbs or fertilizer.

Wiccans may also refer to this as ‘Witches Thanksgiving’ as it is the last Sabbat of the pagan year, before Samhain (Pagan New Year). It is also the time where the ageing Goddess turns from mother to crone and the God is coming to the end of his life before he is reborn in the New Year.

Mabon celebration | Ways you can celebrate Mabon

mabon celebrationForaging

One way to celebrate the season is to decorate your home and altars with items you can forage for. These include acorns, leaves, ivy, pine cones, corn, and apples. This is a great way to get the whole family involved by making a game out of it. You can write a list and see how many items you can find. You can also make decorations from craft materials. There are lots of autumn craft ideas on the internet and Pinterest.

mabon celebration


Walking in the woods to honour the Green Man. You could also give libations to the trees or scatter offerings on recently harvested fields.


You can make a Mabon cleansing spray to banish any unwanted spirits, emotions and energies. To make it place 125ml of witch hazel into a spray bottle and add 1 tbsp of orange essential oil and 1 tbsp of anise essential oil in the bottle. Place lid on and shake. It is then ready to use.

Honour ancestors and passed relatives

Decorate their burial sites with leaves, acorns, pine cones and apples. Apples represent the circle of life. (This is said to please your ancestors so when they visit at Samhain they will be happy and kind.)

Donating food

Sharing the bountiful harvest with those less fortunate is another way to give thanks and honour the goddess. You can do this by donating food to your local food bank. You can find your local food bank online. Also, some supermarkets have a food collection bin.


If you’re like us, you’ll like to celebrate with food. Anyone can do this! Indulge in the fruits of the season. You could make jams, nutty bread, apple pie, or a Sunday roast with roasted chicken and lots of veggies. Cake is always good. If you love baking you could make apple scones or honey cake. There are many recipes on the internet and Pinterest. Wine and cider are the popular choices of the season. You could also make these if you like brewing. Blackberry wine was the traditional choice as blackberries were more readily available than grapes.

Colours herbs crystals and incense

The colours for this Sabbat represents the autumn-like reds, oranges, browns, maroon and gold. Herbs include:- benzoin, marigold, myrrh, sage and thistle. You can also use these herbs for decorating:- acorns, aster, ferns, honeysuckle, milkweed, mums, oak leaves, pine and roses. There are many crystals you can use to decorate or in spell work. These include- clear quartz, aventurine, amber, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, lapis lazuli, sapphire, yellow agate, yellow topaz. If you like to burn incense the following are traditionally used at Mabon:- sage, myrrh, pine, sweetgrass and benzoin.

xx Happy Mabon Everyone! xx

Hope you enjoy your Mabon celebration and witches thanksgiving from Stormy and Raven xx

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