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Copper Bracelet with Magnets

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Copper Bracelet UK with Magnets

This copper bracelet has an elegant, stylish design. Because copper is a soft metal you can easily adjust it to fit. Suitable for everyday use.

Wearing copper bracelets have been said to have 5 health benefits.

The main benefit is to help ease joint stiffness and pain usually caused by arthritis and similar conditions. They have been used since Roman times for this purpose. This works by reducing inflammation.

Another benefit is mineral absorption. As the copper rubs against the skin minerals such as iron and zinc are absorbed through the skin. This is especially good for people who suffer from anaemia.

It can also help your cardiovascular health. A lack of copper in your body can cause an imbalance which can lead to increased cholesterol levels. So wearing a copper bracelet lowers the risk.

Copper also helps the immune system by stopping some toxins taking effect and also has anti-ageing properties.

Magnets are also said to help disperse toxins, reduce inflammation and pain in joints and promote relaxation.

One size fits all

If it starts to go a little green on the inside a simple metal polish will clean it up like new.


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