Sandalwood Incense Cones


Sandalwood Incense Cones

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Sandalwood Incense Cones

by one of the most popular incense brands, Elements.

Sandalwood has a sweet woody fragrance, it has a harmonizing and calming effect that reduces tension and confusion. This is an all-time favorite of witchy and non-witchy folk. One of the most recognizable fragrances. Perfect for lifting moods, entertaining, meditation. It’s a good all-rounder.

Simply lite the tip of the cone until there is a flame and then blow it out. The tip should be smoldering releasing the fragrance in the smoke. Then simply place the cone in the incense holder or alternatively place the cone on the fireproof metal disc that comes in the box. Find our Incense Holders HERE.

15 cones per box.

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