Ways to celebrate Litha. What is Litha?

So what is Litha? How is Litha celebrated? How do witches celebrate summer solstice? Who celebrates the solstice?

In this article we will cover a brief history of Litha and some great and easy Ways to celebrate Litha.

Litha is one of eight pagan sabbats/holidays also known as Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year. From this point on the amount of daylight hours will slowly dwindle down into the winter up until Yule (Winter Solstice) when the lighter days begin to return. If you are in the southern hemisphere you will be celebrating Yule at the same time the northern hemisphere is celebrating Litha.

Summer Solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years across the world by many different civilisations, for example on the day of Summer Solstice, the sun sets directly between the two biggest great Pyramids in Egypt. Another example is Stonehenge where the sun rises between the two heel stones and onto the alter stone. And at midday the sun shines directly into the centre. However Stonehenge also aligns with the Winter Solstice (Yule).


So how can we celebrate Litha and make the most of Summer Solstice?

Litha is a great time of year to get outside to celebrate. Go on a long nature walk, take a picnic and some lavender lemonade and allow yourself time to connect with the nature that surrounds you. If you like meditating you could find a nice tree to sit under.

This is a good time to refresh your alter by using red or yellow cloth, adding fresh flowers (sunflowers a really good as they are yellow and represent the sun.) and decorating with yellow or/and green candles. And anything that represents the sun.

Why not get the ‘kids’ involved? And make some sun crafts with them. you could make sun-catchers using tissue

paper, PVA glue and something plastic to stick the paper too. when the glue is dry you can peel them off and hang them in the window. Another good one to do is make a batch of salt dough and create sun shapes which you can paint after. Sun weaving’s, hand print sunflowers and flower crowns are some more ideas.

And of course!!!! Food..

Cooking food by fire is best way to incorporate the energy from the sun to your food. You can also then use the fire energy to do a little spell-work or manifesting.

Maybe you could hold a party outside with friends and family. Serve festive foods containing honey and lavender. Baking bread shaped like the sun and decorate with yellow/gold (Turmeric would work really well and 

its a supper food!!). How about adding sunflower seeds or a drizzle of honey after its cooked. Green foods also represent the oak king and holly king.

For anyone that is a bit ‘Kitchen Witchy‘, why not make some lavender butter to go with your sun-bread… Simply add 1tbsp dried lavender and 1tblsp of honey to some softened butter and allow to infuse for a few hours. Or make a simple lavender syrup to add to lemonade or fruit desserts.

Just do what feels good to you, whether alone or in a group. Give thanks to the Sun Gods in whatever way you choose and rejoice on the warmth that is summer solstice.

xx Have Fun. Blessed Be and Namaste xx

By Stormy Moonstone and Raven Nightwish

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