Ways to celebrate Ostara. What is Ostara?

How do you celebrate Ostara? Who can celebrate Ostara? What is spring equinox? Who is the Goddess Ostara (Eastre)? 

In this article we will cover a brief history of Ostara and some great and easy ways to celebrate Ostara.

Ostara is one of eight Sabbats celebrated every year at the spring equinox. This is the 20th-21st March. Or if you are in the southern hemisphere it is 21st-22nd September. It is celebrated by the Pagan community but around the same time is Easter.

A brief History behind Ostara

The Saxons held a celebration to their Goddess Eastre, a goddess of fertility, who was symbolised by the egg and rabbits. These symbols represent fertility. Egg decorating was also a common tradition. When the Christians started to convert people they discovered that their celebration of the resurrection of Jesus was almost the same time as Ostara. They then adopted the word Easter and kept some of the traditions.

Ways to celebrate Ostara

Today the shops are swamped by chocolate eggs around Easter time but there are many things you can do to celebrate Ostara in a more traditional way. (Although chocolate eggs are always good ;P).

Go for a walk- 

One of the simplest ways to do this is to take a walk among nature, even if its just your local park. Just relax and reflect on the marvels that mother nature brings to the earth at this time of year.

Plant some seeds- 

Collect egg shells, clean thoroughly and use them to plant seeds in. This has an added bonus of being able to plant out the seedlings while still in the egg shell, which is a  great fertiliser for the soil as it naturally degrades. Click HERE to see our step by step guide.

Egg decorating- 

Decorate some hard-boiled eggs, use symbols to represent things that you would like to manifest over the coming weeks. Eat the eggs while thinking about what you want to manifest. Crush the eggshell and bury it in the garden to symbolise sowing your wishes into the earth.


If you like candle making, you can collect some eggshells and use them to put candles in. Check out our guide HERE on how to create inexpensive Ostara / Easter candles.

Spring clean!!!- 

Yes, it is a real thing. Clean in all the ‘nooks and crannies’ that get forgotten over the dark winter months. Organise the kitchen cupboards and get rid of any old clothes you no longer wear. If they are in good condition why not give them to charity. And do a general de-clutter. If you want to take it to another level, it would be a good time of year for a new lick of paint on the walls.


Decorate with spring flowers or better yet, give some flowers to someone just to wish them a happy spring. Daffodils are the most widely available. And nothing says spring better than daffodils. 

And of course FEAST!!!!

Dairy foods are a must for this Sabbat. Why not make a yummy quiche with your favourite ingredients? Eggs and chocolate eggs are an obvious choice. This is also a perfect excuse to make or buy a nice big gooey cake and decorate it with lots of mini chocolate eggs. Go on spoil yourself!!

xx Happy Ostara Everyone! xx

from Stormy and Raven xx

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